AUSCPBonnot’s Blog: Oscar Romero on the Importance of Ministering in Our Historic Now

As of this Sunday Oscar Romero will be St. Oscar Romero. He was martyred for his prophetic preaching in his Now. His sermons were broadcast throughout his country during a time of violence. A few of his recorded thoughts are worth our reflection.


On February 18, 1979, he said: “To try to preach without referring to the history one preaches in is not to preach the gospel. Many would like a preaching so spiritualized that it leaves sinners unbothered and does not term idolaters those who kneel before money and power. A preaching that says nothing about the sinful environment in which the gospel is reflected upon is not the gospel.”

On July 15, 1979 he said: “I am glad, brothers and sisters, that our church is persecuted precisely for its preferential option for the poor and for trying to become incarnate in the interest of the poor and for saying to all the people, to rulers, to the rich and powerful, unless you become poor, unless you have a concern for the poverty of our people as though they were your own family, you will not be able to save society.”

Proposals are afoot that Romero should be declared a Doctor of the Church, a pastoral doctor. If that should come about, he will be the first Latin American Doctor of the People of God. Romero functions as a doctor in the field hospital of his time, a teaching doctor. That is what all doctors of the church are, teachers for the People of God for all time..

from the Houston Catholic Worker