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I start this blog with a prayer that it might be of use to AUSCP’s website visitors. I will comment on a variety of topics which which AUSCP is concerned. I will often cite quotes I pick up from my reading here and there that trigger my comments and reflections.

We live in an opportune time, the historical moment of dramatic change started by St. John XXIII when he convened the Second Vatican Council. He envisioned the church not as a museum but as a living organism energized by the Spirit of God.

While I reference our time as a “moment,” we are actually in a period of time that has been unfolding over more than 50 years now and will continue unfolding for decades more. Now is our moment in this larger span of time, and this time of Pope Francis’ service is particularly exciting. While some see it as a crisis, I with others see is as an opportunity for the People of God to move forward. All of us are part of that. Each of us is called to put our shoulder to the plow, if you will. Mindful, knowledgeable and respectful of the past, we must push forward. This not a time to look longingly back. Emmanuel is at work among us and through US, now.

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In Christ

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In a review of Parker Palmer’s latest book, ON the BRINK of EVERYTHING, reviewer Dana Greene notes that “if the purpose of living is to become whole, fully human and one’s true self, then collaboration with aging and death, as Palmer suggests, is necessary.” Citing Palmer directly, “Old is just another word for nothing left to lose, a time of life to take bigger risks on behalf of the common good.” Greene continues, “to do that one needs solitude, not “the absence of others … but never living apart from one’s true self. … In order to live fully and wholly in a frenetic environment,” we need sanctuary that will allow us to return to the world as a “‘wounded healer,’ resilient and able to carry on.”

In recent meetings I’ve encountered several priests who are hurting deeply, distressed, saying “I can’t take this anymore.” The “this” is the Pennsylvania report, the McCarrick case, the global scandal, the attacks on the Pope. I hope that AUSCP might be a kind of sanctuary, a place of solitude and contemplation with others that will strengthen us each and all to continue as wounded healers in a hurting world and church, taking bigger risks, collaborating even with aging and death for the common good, the People of God, all of creation.

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