Re-Commitment to Gospel Non-Violence

Purpose: To invite and occasion personal and organizational re-commitment to Gospel Non-Violence in response to the "Appeal to the Catholic Church" issued in April, 2016 by the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace together with Pax Christi International.

This Ad Hoc Working Group has endorsed the NCR Catholic nonviolence initiative; collaborated with three other national nonviolence groups that were present on June 20, 2017, at the grave site of WWI Catholic War objector Ben Salmon; witnessed at the USCCB 2017 Fall Meeting; and spoke to Scranton University about ROTC presence.


Ben Salmon

conscientiously objected to World War 1 and all war in opposition to the majority of US citizens, the US Government, and his own Roman Catholic Church. Ben's conscience earned him lengthy imprisonment, solitary confinement and broken health. One hundred years ago, he wrote extensively on Christ's command: "Thou shalt not kill." His life, work and witness are chronicled on this site.

CLICK HERE for the WEBSITE LINK Ben Salmon, Catholic Conscientious Objector

Harry Bury, and Bernie Survil,
AUSCP Leadership Team Liaison: Dave Cooper,

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————— News and views —————

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