October 7: Pope

October 6 What’s new today:

Special Synod of Amazonia, from Whispers in the Loggia

Archbishop Wilton Gregory’s homily at the Red Mass, from Rocco Palmo

October 5 What’s new today: NCR reports on the Associated Press study of priests removed and unsupervised.

October 2 What’s new today: Amazon synod riles pope-haters, by Michael Sean Winters — “But the hysterical allegations of heresy and error tell us more about the accusers than the accused. And the haters are not few nor are they insignificant.”

ACTION ALERT: Contact your senators for the sake of God’s creation!

A2A Assembly to Action: As part of the AUSCP promotion of the "Season of Creation," September 1 - October 4, 2019, the AUSCP Climate Change Working Group has prepared an A2A Newsletter, Eating Choices & Climate Change. You are welcome to use it as a bulletin insert or for small group discussion.

Message from Pope Francis: Prayer for Creation

Catholic Climate Covenant

September 19 What’s new today: Tony Magliano writes about the Season of Creation

September 18 What’s new today: From NCR: Marie Collins exposes clerical culture behind abuse coverup

September 16 What’s new today: Richard Gaillardetz expects lessons for Church in North America at Amazon Synod

September 13 What’s new today: Is it patriotic (or Christian) to earn money? Opinion in Commonweal

What’s new today (September 3) Massimo Faggioli examines tensions toward scism: The Viganò Letter One Year Later

What’s new today (August 31): Why People Hate Religion (but love Sister Norma)

What’s new today (August 24): Baptism as the foundation of the vocation and ministry of every Christian, clergy and laity alike.” READ the FULL TEXT HERE


Baltimore-Washington, at the Maritime Conference Center • Our Catholic Faith in the Political World Click HERE

Assembly 2019 Recap:

St. Louis Assembly • God’s Priestly People: The Baptized and the Ordained

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