Greetings and peace be with you,

I am writing to you with the hope of enlisting your gifts of leadership and communication with all our brothers (and sisters) in the Association of United States Catholic Priests (AUSCP).  At the time of Archbishop Hunthausen’s death, you may have read his obituary in The National Catholic Reporter, as well the notice that there would soon be published a significant new biography of this prophetic, pastoral leader.  Both the obituary and now the book, A Disarming Spirit, have been authored by Frank Fromherz. 

This important new biography of Archbishop Hunthausen is now available from Teshai Publishers.  I value Frank’s gifts as a writer, a colleague, and a friend. Having had the privilege of reading the manuscript, I strongly recommend this book as a resource of hope and prophetic courage in our wounded world. 

For more information, as well as the opportunity to purchase A Disarming Spirit, here is the direct link to the publisher’s website:

John Heagle
Therapy & Renewal Associates (TARA)
Salem, Oregon