Team Members serving the Association 2017-2018 

Team Members serving the Association 2017-2018 

  • AUSCP Leadership Team 2017-2018

    Fr. Louis Arceneaux, CM, Secretary
    Congregation of the Mission

    Fr. Lee Bacchi, Treasurer
    Diocese of Joliet

    Fr. Bernard (Bob) Bonnot, Chair
    Diocese of Youngstown

    Fr. Kevin Clinton, Vice-Chair
    Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis

    Fr. David Cooper, Past Chair
    Archdiocese of Milwaukee

    Fr. Dan Divis, International Liaison
    Diocese of Cleveland

    Fr. James P. Kiesel
    Archdiocese of Baltimore

  • Fr. Aidan McAleenan, Membership
    Diocese of Oakland

  • Fr. Tulio Ramirez, MXY, Membership
    Yarumal Missionaries

    Fr. James Schexnayder
    Diocese of Oakland

  • Fr. William Spilly, Membership
    Diocese of Rochester

  • Fr. Clarence Williams, CPPS
    National Black Catholic Clergy Caucus

    Sr. Jacquelyn Doepker, OSF, Executive Secretary

    Episcopal Moderator:
    Archbishop John C. Wester, Archdiocese of Santa Fe


Bob Bonnot, re-elected to the Leadership Team, elected to serve a third term as Leadership Team chair. Bob, now retired as of July 3, brings 49 years of experience as a priest and pastor in the Diocese of Youngstown. He has background and experience, locally and nationally, in administration, planning, communication and forward thinking. “As much as possible I plan to spend my time, talent and energy in service to AUSCP's vision and mission, priests, the presbyterates of the United States. I support the efforts of Pope Francis and our bishops to continue the evangelizing of our people and our world through implementation of Vatican II and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.”


Kevin Clinton, Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis, re-elected by as vice-chair of the Leadership Team. Kevin serves the AUSCP out of a conviction that "the movement of the Holy Spirit in Vatican II asks all priests to minister with courage and openness to the dynamism of the Spirit's presence in the here and now."  He is enthusiastic about and committed to the mission of the AUSCP and wants to help create a significant pastoral voice that comes from years of US priests' pastoral experience. Kevin, with 42 years as a diocesan priest with parish and archdiocesan responsibilities. He is a charter member of the AUSCP who has attended all annual Assemblies.    


Jim Kiesel, Archdiocese of Baltimore, re-elected to the Leadership Team. “I am forever grateful to our God for  the gift of the  AUSCP because they inspired hope and renewal in my  priesthood at a particular time in  my life . . . . There were likeminded brothers who shared my dreams, visions, hopes and support. I have been to every assembly. I want to be in the company of my brother priests where we share our values and beliefs, to pray and to share our hopes and our struggles.” Ordained in 1995, Jim hope to bring priests of his generation into the AUSCP.


Louis Arceneaux, elected to the Leadership Team in 2016. He is a member of the Congregation of the Mission, Western Province USA, ordained in 1966. He names his strengths as knowledge of and passion for liturgy of Church;  knowledge and passion for peace and justice in  Church and society. His experience includes years of teaching liturgy and sacramental theology in seminaries after receiving a doctorate in theology from San Anselmo in Rome; being active on liturgical committees in dioceses; working with the AUSCP Roman Missal Task Force; heading the Peace and Justice Committee for his Vincentian province; being a long time member of Pax Christi USA and participant in peace demonstrations at the School of Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia.

Dave Cooper, Ordained 1970, Milwaukee Archdiocese,  is another one of the 27 Founding Fathers and chair of the Leadership Team for the AUSCP for the first three years. He spent 45 years of priestly service in parishes as Associate Pastor and as a Pastor dedicated to the vision and forward motion of Vatican Council II. Dave retired on June 21, 2015 and is using his time to help serve the Association among other ministries. Dave serves on the Associations Finance Committee helpedestablish an Endowment for the Association. Dave is a good listener and is attentive to the needs of the membership. He understands diocesan priests and the issues they struggle with since I too have struggled with those issues. He is pleased to be serving AUSCP.

Dan Divis, Ordained 1979, From the Diocese of Cleveland is also a Founding Father and counts perseverance as one of his strong qualities. He is energized, hopeful, encouraged and grateful that the Association exists. It brings priests together to share hopes, needs, dreams, and support, and collaborates to find ways to impact our communities and our world. Dan has been in ministry for 38 years and has ‘seen a lot.’ He is a pastor in Lorain Ohio, has been on the Leadership Team from the beginning and is well known in the Association as the best Assembly MC possible – “just sayin’” as Dan often says after contributing some special insight to Association deliberations. Dan is our representative to international gatherings of priest associations, which fits his desire to travel.

Jim Schexnayder, Ordained 1964, From the Diocese of Oakland has served as an AUSCP Leadership Team member since January 2013 and for several years served as its Secretary. He brings an understanding of AUSCP’s mission, goals and board processes. He engages well with AUSCP members at our Assemblies and is generously committed to the work of AUSCP among many other ministries, including serving as a pastor, director of the formation for the permanent diaconate, director of campus ministry, HIV/AIDS ministry with Catholic Charities and served as executive director of the Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay ministries. He has conducted colloquia for our Assemblies and contributes astutely to the development and support of actions that embody Vatican II. Jim delivered AUSCP’s report on priests responses to the 2015 Synod on the Families survey. He strongly supports Pope Francis’ vision for priesthood and church.

Clarence Williams , CPPS, Ph.D., Pastor of St. James the Less Church, Columbus OH is the founder of the Institute for the Recovery from Racism, an organization dedicated to the promotion of racial sobriety. He has authored number articles and books, having served as Director of Detroit's Office for Black Catholic Ministries and on the staff of Catholic Charities USA. His current parish is multiracial, multicultural, and bilingual. Among his many awards is the Christopher Award for Religious Broadcasting. Clarence joined the AUSCP Leadership Team in 2015, strengthening our diversity and helping to connect the AUSCP with the National Black Catholic Clergy Caucus. 

Sr. Jackie Doepker, OFM, has served as the Association's Executive Secretary since 2014. 

Sr. Jackie Doepker, OSF, a Tiffin Ohio Franciscan, has served as AUSCP's Executive Secretary since 2014 after having served as the President of her congregation for a second time. She is a strong advocate for Justice and Peace, having worked in the past on such concerns for the Diocese of Cleveland.