News Release June 4, 2019: Priests ask bishops for end of secrecy, clericalism, and call for dialogue

News Release January 26, 2018: Support for Father Gary Graf, fasting for DACA

News Release August 17, 2017: Joint Statement of AUSCP and NBCCC following events at Charlottesville

News Release June 26, 2017: Assembly Resolution on Health Care

News Release June 15, 2017: Goals and Resolutions

Assembly topics to include immigration, married priests, parish staffing

News Release May 26, 2017: Race Matters

Assembly participants will hear about race matters, women deacons and married priests.

News Release April 24, 2017: On Vocations and Homosexuality

. . .  reacting to a vocations document from the Vatican that uses terms that are considered “ambiguous and disrespectful of the personhood of those who identify with a homosexual orientation.” These individuals and groups “are part of our family” and they “our brothers and sisters” . . .  

News Release March 28, 2017: Arkansas Death Penalty

. . . asking the governor to commute the death sentences of eight men to life without parole.

News Release March 1, 2017: On Gospel Non-Violence

A national priests' group has cited the words of Pope Francis: "Let us make non-violence our way of life," as they pledged support and offered assistance to U.S. bishops regarding international justice and peace.

News release Feb 20, 2017: Seeking end to Ohio Death Penalty

Letter to Ohio Governor John Kasich, "thanking him for delaying executions for 2017 and asking him to reduce all death sentences to life in prison without parole."

News Release Feb 13, 2017: Letter to President Trump

. . . urging a comprehensive pro-life approach regarding six areas of concern: Global Conflict and Violence, Immigration, Climate Change, Health Care and Social Services, Refugee Crisis and Criminal Justice.

News Release August 17, 2016: Women Deacons

. . . . One way to help . . . would be to allow the ordination of women to the diaconate, a practice that was familiar to the early church, in order to help us better serve the people entrusted to us.

News Release June 23, 2016: Archbishop Wester AUSCP Moderator

Archbishop John Charles Wester of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe has agreed to serve as Episcopal Moderator of the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests.

News Release October 5, 2015: Keep Parishes Open

. . . endorsing the appeal from the organization, FutureChurch. It calls for “a reset of the pastoral strategy that relies on parish closings and mergings.”

News Release August 31, 2015: Labor Day Statement

. . . . We add our voices to the bishops’ call for a living wage for workers and for the “indispensable” role of unions and worker associations in that effort.

News Release February 3, 2015: Viri Probati

. . .  asking the U.S. Catholic bishops to “start the dialogue” that could lead to the ordination of married men to the priesthood.