Priestless Parishes

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Purpose: To express alarm at the lack of a clear, realistic and viable plan to provide pastoral leadership in priestless parishes and to research and, with others, formulate a proposal for presentation to the USCCB.

The document, Pastoral Care for Priest-less Parishes, has been sent to the US bishops. The authors of the document completed their work and urged the Leadership Team to continue to press the issue. Questions raised in the document include lack of attention to the 30 percent of U.S. Catholics who are lost to the Church; the fall in numbers of priests; more U.S. parishes (17,600) but fewer diocesan priests (17,000); competency of priests before becoming pastors; and "Is the lack of action on the above issues part of the reason for the attrition of people from our churches?"

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John Hynes, and Ray Cole,,
AUSCP Leadership Team Liaison: Joe Ruggieri

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NEW December 19, 2018: Laywoman to lead Connecticut parish, with authority over priests in sacramental ministry. FULL STORY HERE