As the global meeting of Catholic leaders unfolds at the Vatican, news stories, opinions and columns are being published — and collected, below, following the AUSCP Observations and comments on sexual identity, celibacy and ministry, published February 18, 2019. See selected items below, or go to a Vatican Abuse Summit from NCR.

NEW: Feb 27, 2019: NCR: Cupich, Scicluna review Vatican summit, say Vatican should give reason when a bishop is sacked

NEW: Posted Feb 25, 2019, published Feb 22, 2019: New Ways Ministry: Survivors agree, gay priests not cause of abuse

NEW: Feb 25, 2019: New York Times: Pope has strong words, few actions

NEW: Feb 24, 2019: America: Pope calls for an ‘all-out battle’

NEW: Feb 24, 2019: NCR: Promise that Church will ‘decisively confront’ abuse

NEW: Feb 24, 2019: The Boston Globe: The problem is everywhere

NEW: Feb 23, 2019: America: Nigerian Sister asks bishops, Why?”

NEW: Feb 23, 2019: NCR: Cardinal admits some abuse files were destroyed

NEW: Feb 22, 2019: Video, Cardinal Blase Cupich on Synodality

NEW: Feb 22, 2019, NCR, Opinion from Michael Sean Winters: Martel’s Vatican closet book exposes mistakes, not truth

NEW: Feb 22,2019, Analysis by John Allen in the Boston Globe: Where’s O’Malley?

NEW: Feb 21, 2019, Video, America: Recap of the first day of the Vatican summit

NEW: Feb 21, 2019, NCR: Pope offers 21 action items for bishops to consider, to handle and prevent abuse

NEW: Feb 21, 2019: Part III from Jason Berry, NCR: Francis must fix cover-up that he inherited

NEW: Feb 20, 2019: Part II from Jason Berry, NCR: Institutional lying at the heart of crisis

NEW: Feb 20, 2019: OPINION from NCR: It’s the clerical culture

NEW: Feb 20,2019, The Atlantic: What to watch for at the Vatican Summit on Abuse

NEW: Posted Feb 20, 2019, BBC: How will Francis deal with sex abuse?

NEW: Posted Feb 20, 2019, NCR: Superiors General apologize to abuse victims

NEW: Feb 19, 2019, LaCroix International: Vatican news conference and summit program details

NEW: Feb 19, 2019, New York Times: Vatican rules for ‘children of the ordained’

NEW: Feb 19, 2019, NCR, Part I from Jason Berry: Francis inherited decades of abuse cover-up

NEW: Feb 18, 2019, Crux: Anti-abuse group calls for five “more McCarricks” to be defrocked

NEW: Feb 18, 2019, NCR: Excerpts from “In the Closet of the Vatican”

NEW: Feb 17, 2019, New York Times: It’s not a closet, it’s a cage

NEW: Feb 17, 2019, Crux: Pope asks for prayer for summit, clergy abuse an ‘urgent’ problem

NEW: Feb 17, 2019, Washington Post: Abuse survivors seek action from Vatican summit

NEW Video: Posted Feb 17, 2019, Rome Reports: What to expect from Vatican summit