Toledo Priests Reject Trump’s Racist, Nationalist Mindset

 The local social justice subcommittee of the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests  (AUSCP) rejects in the strongest possible terms the racist and nationalist mindset that gave rise to Donald Trump’s labeling of Haiti and certain African nations as “shithole countries.”  We are shocked by such a crude and arrogant depiction of sovereign nations, each possessing its own rich history and traditions.

The U.S. Catholic bishops stated in their document Welcoming the Stranger Among Us: Unity in Diversity: “Racist attitudes can linger in subtle ways… unless we vigorously educate ourselves about our neighbors and learn to appreciate their heritages. The presence of brothers and sisters from different cultures should be celebrated as a gift….”

Similarly, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious affirmed this week that those holding temporary protective status (TPS) “...are our neighbors and friends.  They have been contributing members of our communities for decades.  Rescinding TPS protection for citizens of El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua and Sudan, and threatening Honduras with the same, places us all at risk.  Ending their protection will tear families apart, fragment our communities and disrupt local economies.”

The AUSCP joins the worldwide response to this incident by insisting that the United States cannot claim to be great while vilifying the homelands of those refugees and immigrants who have made us who we are.


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Rev. Robert Reinhart:  (419) 266-1238
Social justice Subcommittee, Association of U.S. Catholic Priests, Toledo Chapter